Signs You Need a Bigger Office

expand into bigger offices nycAs your business grows, sometimes it is important to expand into bigger offices. If you’re starting to feel a bit cramped, it might be time to make the move. Although it may be tempting to simply make the most of the space you have, chances are that you’ll need more room in order to get more done. With that in mind, here are a few signs that you should be considering office relocation in NYC.

Shared Desk Space

Are your employees currently sharing desk space in order to maximize the potential of your office? This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it can also lead to distractions that will make it more difficult for employees to get their work done. Sharing desk space can also result in poorly organized files, which can become a costly headache if you’re not careful.

Cramped Quarters

Even if your employees aren’t sharing desk space yet, there could still be an issue with distractions if they are tightly packed together. When an employee can’t hear a client over the phone because their co-workers are louder, that can be a problem. Don’t let your customer service suffer due to a problem that could be solved by corporate relocation.

Poorly Organized Inventory

Depending on the purpose and size of your office, it may be necessary to combine inventory. Unless your inventory is well organized, this could make it more difficult to find the products you are trying to sell. Corporate relocation can help by providing more space and making inventory organization much easier.

Lack of Storage Space

In addition to running out of space for your inventory, if you don’t even have enough room for standard office supplies and other equipment, there’s probably a problem. The harder it is to find more ink or paper for your printer, the more difficult the day-to-day operations of your office will be. If storage space is becoming an issue, it may be time to consider office relocation.

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