Go Green With These Environmentally Friendly Moving Tips

green moving nycWhile recycling and conserving electricity are excellent ways to be eco-friendly, there are less known—but equally important—ways to help reduce your environmental impact. One such way is by moving with a green moving company. Fortunately, U.M.C. Moving Co. is a green moving company in NYC with years of experience. Contact us for more information about our environmentally friendly corporate relocation and commercial moving services.

Plan Carefully

The more you can plan your move, the smoother and more energy-efficiently it is likely to go. Packing up slowly, over the course of many weeks or months, will help you identify which belongings you want to move and which ones you want to get rid of. You will save money, time, and energy if you only move the things you need. Planning the move in advance will help you stay organized in the packing process so that you pack concisely and efficiently. Locate all of the containers that you already have lying around the home or office, including plastic bins and suitcases. If you can pack your belongings in these containers, you won’t need as many boxes.

Hire an Eco-Conscious Moving Company

Few corporate moving companies offer green moving services. But those that do will have important credentials, such as energy-efficient trucks, recycled boxes, and environmentally minded moving services.

Obtain Recycled Boxes, and Recycle Them When You’re Done

Many local businesses will let you re-use their boxes after they have unloaded the contents. If you don’t have the time to ask around, contact a green moving company and ask for recycled boxes. The moving company can ship or deliver the high-quality boxes you need for your move. They may even be able to offer eco-friendly packing material. When you’re done with your boxes and packing materials, recycle them. Some moving companies can do the recycling for you.

Make As Few Trips as Possible

Pack your van or moving truck to the fullest in order to take fewer vehicles on the move. Instead of doing several trips in a smaller vehicle, use a larger vehicle to avoid making more trips than necessary.

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