Tips for Packing Your Office

office relocation in nycOffice relocation in NYC can be exciting, especially if your company is moving to a better neighborhood, a newer building, or a higher floor. Though the commercial movers will take care of moving heavy items such as shelves, desks, chairs, and copy machines, you might want to pack up your desk and office yourself. To keep all your items organized when you do, follow the tips below.

Back Up and Clean Your Computer

Corporate relocation services should include computer relocation to ensure that your workstation and your desktop computer arrives at your new office, but it’s still a good idea to back up all your data in case any accidents occur. Once you have backed up your data, remove all accessories and other items from your computer, both the CPU tower and the monitor. This includes screen privacy protectors, document clips, Post-It notes, and any other items. This is also the perfect time to dust off your keyboard and wipe your screen.

Use Separate Boxes for Each Desk Drawer

If you simply throw all the items from all of your desk drawers into one box, you will waste a lot of time-reorganizing everything when you arrive at your new office. To make the process simpler, get several small boxes: one for each drawer. Label each box clearly and secure it with packing tape, and you will be able to unpack everything very quickly.

Wrap Fragile Items Carefully

Many office workers have a small collection of personal items in their office. You may have framed photographs of your family and items such as heirloom paperweights or a handcrafted nameplate on your desk, and framed artwork or diplomas hanging on the walls. Make sure you pack these items carefully, even if your office is only moving a few blocks or a few floors in the same building. During the frenzy of a move, fragile items may be bumped and if they are not securely packed, they may be damaged. Corporate moving companies should be able to provide you with tape, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and other packing supplies.

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