What to Know About Relocating Your Small Business

professional corporate moving company in nycIf you are moving your small business to a new location, you should hire a commercial moving company in NYC. You will usually have a very tight window of time in which to move all the furniture, computers, and physical records from your old location to your new location, so the help of a professional corporate moving company is indispensable. Organization is key to a smooth office relocation. The tips below will help you stay organized during your move.

Relocate Essential Personnel First

The staff who are most essential to smooth operation of your business should be the first ones out your old office and the first ones to set up their workstations in the new space. This helps you minimize downtown in answering phones and emails so that your customers experience as little lag time as possible when you transition to a new space.

Box and Label All Hardcopy Materials

If you keep physical records of any kind, whether they are for customers, patients, vendors, or employees, make sure you clearly label the boxes when you pack them. Record retention is essential to continuity of operations for small businesses as well as large ones. Use color-coded markers and labels to make sure that everything arrives, and number your boxes so you will know if anything gets mislaid. This also helps you keep all the papers organized as you move them out of boxes and into new file cabinets.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Movers

As tempting as it may be to have your employees help with the move, especially if they volunteer, leave everything to your commercial movers. Not only because moving companies have extensive experience transporting even the heaviest and most delicate office equipment, but also because they have special insurance to protect their workers. If one of your employees injures him or herself lifting office furniture or heavy boxes, even if said employee freely volunteered to do so, you are vulnerable to legal action. You can let your employees help with packing and organization, but not with lifting and carrying heavy items.

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