Considering Corporate Relocation? Follow These Tips to Choose a New Location

Corporate Relocation and MovingIf you’re considering corporate relocation in NYC, you’ll need to weigh many factors before determining your new business location. Where your office is moving depends upon your business services, what resources you need, and the location of your targeted customer demographic. Keep reading for some great tips for choosing your new office location.

Choose an Office Location That Complements Your Business Services

In order to retain your current customers and continue building a solid customer base, you need to choose a business location that is appropriate for the services that you offer, and doesn’t increase your competition. A daycare center or spa shouldn’t be located in an industrial area, and a retail business shouldn’t move into an area with so many similar vendors that their competition for customers would drastically intensify. You should move your business to a location with a high demand for your specific services, or a location that complements your business services.

Determine What Resources and Amenities You Need

If you’re planning an office relocation because your business is expanding, you’ll want to find a new office location that allows for continued growth, and provides you with the resources and amenities that you need to sustain your company. A large business with varied administrative needs should consider an office relocation to an office park or a suite in an office complex that provides reception, faxing, photocopying, conference rooms and other support services. A smaller company or fledgling company should relocate to an office that’s just big enough for their current size and production needs.

Cater Your Office Relocation to Your Targeted Customer Demographic

Your office relocation should help you maintain and grow your client list. Choose an office location that is convenient for your current customers, and that provides opportunities for you to grow and expand. For instance, if your business provides commercial printing services, you might consider moving into a bustling business center, where you’ll be surrounded by companies in need of your services.

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