A Look at Office Liquidations

During a corporate relocation, you will have the choice of moving your office furniture or upgrading to brand new furnishings in your new office. A team of movers can help you transport your furniture out of your current office space with ease. Working with moving companies near NYC will take the stress out of your corporate move. If you have decided that you are not going to use your furnishings at your new location, you may want to ask your movers about your office liquidation options. Read on for an overview of the steps of office liquidations. office - furniture

Review your lease.

When you are considering an office liquidation, you will need to start by reviewing the terms of your lease. In the NYC area, many commercial leases require that the facility is completely cleaned out and cleared of all furnishings before the new tenants arrive. If you need to have your old offices completely cleared after your move, you may want to plan out an office liquidation procedure to help you offload your unwanted furniture.

Relocate and move belongings.

Before your movers come to liquidate your unwanted furniture, you will want to make sure that the belongings that you want to keep have been moved to your new location. Since an office liquidation involves the moving out and disposal of all furnishings and items that are in a building, any objects that are left behind will be gone after the procedure has been completed. Once you are finished with your move, you will be ready to start the liquidation process.

Dispose of unwanted furniture.

The final phase of an office liquidation is the disposal of all unwanted furniture. Your movers will arrive as soon as your move has been completed. All furnishings and other items will be placed in garbage compactor trucks for disposal. After your office liquidation is finished, you will be able to rest assured that you have fulfilled the terms of your lease.

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