Getting Organized for Your Document and File Retention Services

If you are planning a home or commercial move and need to keep important documents safe, you may wish to employ the services of a company offering record retention in NYC. First, however, you will need to organize your papers carefully. Sort your invoices, receipts, and other miscellaneous documents into different categories. You may need to keep some documents for longer than others. record-retention

Keeping Important Documents Safe

Place any documents which are difficult to replace in a secure, fireproof box. Such documents might include passports; Social Security cards; birth, marriage, and divorce certificates; medical prescriptions; stocks and bonds; and wills. You should also make an inventory of all household or office goods and furnishings. Create a list of all your bank accounts, credit cards, and financial information. You should also ensure that you create a document listing all important contacts, such as doctors and next of kin. Make sure you make a back-up of all the crucial information on a memory key, portable thumb drive, or online. Provide a trusted friend or lawyer with a copy of all the data.

Keeping and Discarding Documents

Find out which documents you will need to keep and which can be safely discarded. Create a folder for invoices and receipts. When you do discard documents, do so safely, by using a crosscut shredder. This will help prevent identity theft.

Filing Carefully

Invest in good quality hanging and drawer files, or sturdy, expandable folders. Make sure you only use leak-proof boxes, to safeguard your files from possible water damage. File tax returns by year. You will need to keep all tax documents for six years, in case of an IRS audit. Use a lockable filing cabinet to keep important documents safe. Hanging file folders can help you to organize your documents. Divide them into categories, such as home, school, healthcare, car insurance, home insurance, and taxes.

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