What Records Should Your Business Retain?

In order to make sure that your annual tax returns are properly filed, it is very important to retain all of the important documents that are related to your business. Companies are required to retain their income and expense information, as well as many other essential documents. If you are having trouble determining which records to save and which to toss, you may want to consider setting up off site record retention services in New York City.

Your record retention experts can answer any questions that you may have about the proper retention of files for your business. Some examples of records that must be retained include annual financial statements, business incorporate documents, and all receipts. You will also need to retain information about your property, including lease or mortgage documents. Finally, your tax returns and audit information should also be retained, rather than tossed or shredded. An off site record retention service can provide you with the space that you need to keep all of your documents organized.

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