What Affects Your Relocation Costs?

When you are planning ahead for a corporate relocation, it is very important to create your budget in advance. Before your relocation, a corporate relocation specialist can provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs that will be associated with your move. Investing in professional moving services in New York City will help you ensure that your relocation is accomplished swiftly and successfully. To help you plan ahead for any expenses that will be associated with your move, here is a brief tour of some of the factors that will affect your relocation costs. budget - planning

Distance of Move

One of the initial factors that will be used to calculate your relocation costs is how far you will be moving your offices. A move across town will typically be less expensive than a major, cross-country move. With information about the distance of your move, your relocation specialist can start helping you calculate costs.

Quantity of Items

Along with factoring the distance of your move, your relocation specialist will also calculate your expenses based on the quantity of items that you will need to move from your old office to your new space. Some common office items that are moved during a relocation project include computers, copy machines, file cabinets, and mechanical devices. Since many of these items are heavy and bulky, they will need to be handled using special moving equipment.

Timeline of Move

When you are moving under a tight deadline, you may find that your relocation costs are higher. If your movers have ample time to pack, ship, and deliver all of your office items, they may be able to keep your relocation costs lower. In order to keep your relocation costs lower, you will want to plan ahead and provide your movers with plenty of time to accomplish their tasks.

Special Considerations

A final factor that will be used to calculate your relocation costs is any other special considerations or tasks that will need to be completed during the process. You may want to ask your movers to assist you with document shredding or other special relocation services.

Essential Tips for Moving Your Manhattan Business

In Manhattan’s ever-changing urban climate, businesses often find that they benefit from moving to a new neighborhood or area of their borough. When you decide to embark on corporate relocation, you will find that your new office space provides you with many distinct advantages. A team of professional movers in New York City will have the knowledge and expertise that is required to successfully accomplish a Manhattan move. Read on for an overview of some tips to keep in mind when you are planning to move your Manhattan business. office - moving

Hire a reputable relocation company.

Rather than taking care of all the details of your corporate move on your own, you will have an easier time if you hire a team of professionals to help you with your move. A company that specializes in corporate relocation can assist you throughout every phase of relocating your business. By working with a company that specializes in services in Manhattan, you can rest assured that your movers will be comfortable working in a busy urban environment.

Create a budget and timeframe.

Once you have hired your relocation specialists, you will be ready to create a budget and timeframe for your move. By talking to your relocation experts about your expectations for your budget and timeframe, you can ensure that you are fully satisfied with the speed and cost of your services. Your relocation team can also tell you whether you have allowed enough time for every phase of your Manhattan move.

Research your new location.

Whether you are moving to a new part of the borough, or will be relocating your business out of New York City entirely, it is important to research your new business location prior to your move. By learning about your new location, you can help your clients and employees prepare themselves for your big move. Once you have found a location that is perfectly suited for your business, you will be ready to start the relocation process in Manhattan.

How to Set Up a New Workspace

A corporate relocation will provide you with the perfect opportunity to organize your workspace. In this video, you will receive helpful tips and information for setting up your new workspace after a corporate relocation in New York City. When you are arranging your new desk, you will want to toss unimportant papers and file your essential documents. Placing small items in containers can also help to reduce clutter around your desk.

To ensure that you are able to set up your workspace as soon as possible after a corporate relocation, it is a great idea to hire a moving company to assist you with your move. Your movers will make sure that your documents, office furniture, and other items are carefully arranged in your new office space.

The Benefits of Off-Site Record Storage

Off-site storage and retention of files is very important to the health and function of your business. By creating and utilizing an off-site retention policy near New York City, your current location will have more room for expansion and storage. Your business’ important documents will also be better protected and organized for future use. These are necessary features to keep your business running smoothly and more profitably. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits your business will experience with off-site record storage. retention - storage

You will have more space.

If you have a storage room or closet at your office location, then it is likely filled with several boxes of records. These records are rarely accessed, but according to certain rules and regulations, you need to keep them. Instead of continuing to use this area to store important documents, look for off-site record retention. Trusting your various files and documents with a professional record retention facility can free up a significant amount of space at your office location. This new space can be used for store expansion or for management purposes.

Your records are well-protected.

The longer that your important documents and files are kept at your store location, then the likelier that they will be damaged. Often, files are not protected correctly, which means they may become nesting material for mice or become destroyed from a roof leak. Instead of trusting that your current storage location is safe, trust your records to a document-specific storage facility. These areas have the necessary machinery, storage practices, and other techniques to keep your records well-protected while in retention.

Your records are organized and accessible.

Instead of keeping complicated records in boxes or filing cabinets, store them with a dedicated off-site record retention facility. These facilities can organize your store’s paperwork and important documents so they are easily accessed and well organized. This is a necessary feature in case your business must present any of your documents for tax purposes or audits.

Organizing Your Office Space

Office organization is essential to creating a productive and safe working environment. Your important documents, daily tasks, and miscellaneous office supplies should be well-organized in and around your office space. You can also utilize professional storage or a document retention policy to help in your organizing efforts. Here is a brief look at how to organize your office space and important documents near New York City:

As you can see in the video, finding a place for everything on your desk will streamline your working process and create a more productive space. Use trays to file your important documents throughout the day. Place drawer dividers to help separate and organize the miscellaneous office supplies in your drawers. Place the most used and important objects on your desk nearest you, such as a filing cabinet or printer.

Should Your Office Move to Brooklyn?

Has your office or place of business been stagnant or lacking in customers lately? Has rent been steadily increasing where your office is currently located? If the answer to either question is yes, then it may be time to consider a relocation in New York City. One of the best places to open up a new shop or move an office to is Brooklyn. If you have been on the fence about a corporate relocation to Brooklyn, then here are a couple benefits you may not have considered yet:

  • Brooklyn is known for being less expensive to live and shop in compared to Manhattan. The same is true for businesses. With a move to Brooklyn, you may be spending less in rent, which will save you a significant amount of profits in no time.
  • Brooklyn has been an up and coming location for many years now. It attracts families, young adults, and startup companies. By moving your office to Brooklyn, you can take advantage of the diversity that Brooklyn attracts.
  • Since Brooklyn attracts startups and young adults, there is no shortage of qualified employees. You can hire fresh, trainable workers who will help your business grow.

Corporate Relocation to Brooklyn

Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Office

There are a few different signs that might signal you to move your office. If your current location hinders your profits or you can save money by moving, then a smart decision is to begin calling a corporate relocation specialist in New York City . By moving your office, your business can grow, which will help you, your employees, and your customers. Let’s take a look at the following, telltale signs that you should move to a new office or store location: Corporate Relocation Specialist in New York City

Your business would do better elsewhere.

If your business has been suffering lately, look to your location. Is it in a hard-to-reach location or located in a bad neighborhood? If there are unattractive qualities about your business’ current location, then it is crucial to start looking for a new office space. Moving to a new office can open up your customer demographic, find a new stock of employees, and provide better opportunities for your business.

Your location has become too small.

If your business has the opposite problem—it is thriving instead of suffering—and your current location is too small, then you may wish to relocate to a bigger location. Your retail store or business can expand, which will provide more profits and benefits for your employees. Relocating to a bigger store or office will also open up your clientele, further attracting even more customers and possibly giving you the opportunity to open more stores and offices.

You are spending too much money.

Your business may be doing well enough at its current location, but if your rent is becoming too expensive, then call the movers and find a new office space. You will save more money in rent and other expenses, which will result in savings that can be spent on promoting and growing your business. Look for other ways that you can cut costs after your relocation. Your new location may offer better advertisement opportunities, more customers, and fewer expenses overall. These features will make your relocation worth the trouble.

Why Your Business Needs Record Retention Policy

Whether you have a record retention policy in place or not, it is always good to have a reminder of why you need business record retention near New York City . By establishing a retention policy, your business will have organized access to all of your files in a secure location. Let’s take a closer look at why your business should have a record retention policy. Business Record Retention near New York City

To Abide by Official Regulations

There are many state and federal regulations that state a business must have clear records. These records might be customer and business transactions, tax records, and employee records. Within regulations, some records need to be retained for a certain amount of time, such as tax records and employee files. Instead of keeping your business’ files cluttered and unorganized in an office room, instate a retention policy that keeps your files professionally organized and out of the way. This will help your business to meet any regulations that it is subject to.

To Conduct Smooth Audits

No matter how often your company has an audit, whether internally or from an outside company, you want the process to go smoothly. Auditors must examine your office records to ensure that your business and employees are maintaining sound company policies. To help this process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, make sure all important documents and files are part of a strong retention policy. Your auditors should be able to access all files if and when they need them, making your audit process a smooth endeavor for everyone involved.

To Sort All Documents

Over time, your business has likely accumulated a wealth of documents, whether they are important, up-to-date, or simple pieces of scrap. By enforcing an official retention policy, you and your employees can sort through your files to separate recyclable files from the ones that must be kept. You can also use your retention policy when it comes time to purge old documents that you no longer need to keep. A sound retention policy will keep your business better organized so you can focus on your customers and vendors.

How to Create a Moving Budget

Moving may not seem like it should cost much, but when you factor in the cost of moving companies , packing supplies, traveling costs, and so many more hidden expenses, you may soon feel overwhelmed. If you are doing an office or corporate relocation in New York City, then you have even more costs to consider, such as employee pay. To save yourself some stress, and lower your risk of going over budget, here are some simple steps to creating a moving budget:

  • Determine how much you can really spend on moving and storage costs. Once you have a definite number in mind, you can start planning out the budget.
  • Divide the budget into separate categories. Your categories might include packing supplies, moving companies, employee travel expenses, storage costs, and many more. By having these categories laid out, you can better see and allocate where your budget will be throughout the move.
  • Always keep some leftover money in the budget for unseen costs. These costs may come from an employee lunch you had not planned or extra moving costs. By having some wiggle room in your budget, you are less likely to go over it.

moving - budget

Making Your Office Relocation Go Smoothly

With your office relocation in New York City beginning soon, it is essential that you have a clear plan in place. Moving companies can help with the relocation process, but you must also enlist your employees to help. By creating a cohesive team, your office relocation can go quickly and smoothly . Continue reading to learn other ways to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible. office - moving

Plan Your Relocation Early

Any type of move can only go smoothly with sufficient planning. You must make all necessary arrangements as soon as you know that your office will be relocating, and then finalize the details once you know the relocation date. Start calling potential office movers, packing up small items, and letting your customers and vendors know where and when your office will be moving. Set up the utilities at your new office, and notify other important personnel. Make a list of all necessary tasks and check them off as they are completed. This will help take a tremendous amount of stress off you and your office during this relocation.

Declutter Your Office

As soon as you know that your office is being relocated, start decluttering the office. Enlist trustworthy employees to help with the process. During your decluttering process, consider which files can be shredded or stored with a professional retention service. Examine old equipment, possible stock, and displays to see if they are still useable or should be donated or sold. Give your office a deep cleaning and decluttering to ensure that you have as little as possible to be moved during the upcoming relocation. This will keep your stress and relocation costs at a minimum.

Get Your Employees Organized

Hopefully your employees already have organizational skills and their desks are free of clutter. However, an upcoming relocation is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your employees are organized and ready for the move. Make sure they inform their clients about the move, make any necessary calls, and help with the moving process. With everyone cooperating, your office relocation will go smoothly.