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What is a Commercial Moving Checklist?

Commercial moves are complex and should be planned months ahead of time. When you hire an experienced commercial moving and storage company, you will get assistance from experts in planning and executing a successful move. At U.M.C. Moving, we are a local commercial moving company serving the New York Metro Area. We have decades of experience moving files, office furniture and equipment, technology, and more for companies of all sizes across industries. We can help you create a comprehensive commercial moving checklist to guarantee a seamless, stress-free move. A commercial moving checklist is a master document outlining all the steps necessary for an efficient move. Take a look at the benefits of commercial moving checklists, and then call us to request an estimate for commercial moving services.

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Why Create a Commercial Moving Checklist

A commercial moving checklist will help you prioritize and delegate tasks and minimize inefficiency and downtime. The checklist will include each step of the moving process, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. You will be less likely to overlook key elements of your office relocation, and it will be easier to track who has ownership over each task. You can ensure you’re giving yourself, your team, and your commercial office moving company enough lead time to complete each task successfully. You will also ensure you’re not forgetting something important or stressing your staff out by making them do a last-minute task on moving day.

How to Create an Office Move Checklist

Your office move should include specifics about each task, information about who the tasks are assigned to, and a timeline or due date for each task. It might help to organize the task list by date or time period so that you can focus on the highest priority items first:

  • Six months before the move – Most companies plan an office relocation at least six months in advance. At this stage, you should create a to-do list or commercial moving checklist that outlines the tasks to be done, assigns them to staff members, and lists due dates for each task. You should review the lease with your legal team if you are leasing your current office. Do a walkthrough and assess any damage that should be repaired before you turn over the keys. Start looking for a commercial moving company and get quotes from more than one company. Determine what commercial moving equipment you’ll need, and decide whether you will need commercial moving and storage services. Create a budget and determine if you will need moving insurance coverage.
  • Three months before the move – Assess the space at your new location and determine if you need to downsize any office equipment. Create a floor plan and map out the configuration of workstations, office equipment, servers, network cabling and wiring, and other key elements. Start coordinating the transfer of utilities and other services from one office location to another. Order new business cards, letterhead, and other items with your address and contact information. Post a notice on your company website about the move.
  • Two months before the move – Finalize the office floor plan at your new location and ensure your staff and the moving company understand where everything is located. Create a plan for technology relocation and IT infrastructure relocation at your new office. Encourage employees to begin surveying their workstations and removing items they don’t plan to take with them. Ensure your customers, vendors, post office, and other contacts know you are moving and have your new contact information.
  • One month before the move – Assign packing tasks to each employee. They will need to pack up and clean their workstations and common areas like conference rooms, break rooms, and supply closets. Do a final check of your inventory list with your moving company and confirm the date and details of your move.
  • 15 days before the move – Make sure you have keys or key cards for the new office location for all necessary employees. Begin data backup of all electronic files, databases, and software.
  • On office moving day – On the moving day, make sure you and all other key staff arrive at the office at least one hour before the moving company is scheduled to arrive. Do a final walkthrough and make sure everything is securely packed and labeled. Have at least two staff members onsite at the old and new locations for the move to coordinate and answer questions from the movers.
  • Post-move – Do another walkthrough at each location after the move is complete. Make sure everything made it where it needed to go. If your moving company was hired to disassemble and assemble furniture, workstations, and equipment, ensure it was done correctly. Test all technology to make sure it is working properly. Confirm that everything is in place for your staff to return to work.

Hire a Commercial Moving and Storage Company

Are you ready to hire an experienced commercial moving and storage company in the New York Metro Area? Contact us online or call us today to request an estimate for commercial moving services. We have decades of experience coordinating and executing successful office relocations. We will work with you every step of the way to plan every detail of your move. We’ll send a team member to your office for an in-person walk-through and discuss your inventory, needs, budget, and timeline. We can customize our commercial moving services to your needs and determine a timeline and cost for moving services.

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