Commercial Office Liquidation Services in New York

After a corporate move, relocation, or the closing of your business, you may have office furniture, fixtures, and supplies you no longer need. If you don’t have the time or ability to handle these items, you can partner with an experienced commercial office liquidation service. At UMC Moving, we provide stress-free office liquidation throughout the New York metro area. We can help liquidate or dispose of any remaining office furniture, computer stations, desks, cubicles, store fixtures, displays, and other items you couldn’t take. We specialize in leaving the premises in a “broom swept” condition so that it is ready for a deep clean for its new tenants. Leaving your office equipment and commercial fixtures behind could result in fees or penalties imposed by your commercial lease, the building owners, or the new owner of your office space.

Commercial Office Liquidation Services in New York City

What Is Commercial Office Liquidation?

Commercial office liquidation services are more eco-friendly than leaving your furniture at the curb, throwing it away, or just leaving it in your office after you move or close your business. Our team will dispose of all furniture, fixtures, technology, and office supplies in an environmentally friendly way and make sure your old office is clean and ready for the next tenant. Office liquidation services can include an auction or sale of remaining items, safe and legal disposal, recycling or repurposing, and some light cleaning services. The goal is to leave the office space clean and ready for the next owner or tenant.

Benefits of Commercial Office Liquidation

NYC business owners planning an office relocation or closing their business often need commercial office liquidation services. Otherwise, they would have to leave items behind in the office for someone else to deal with, which could result in fines, fees, and penalties from the building owner, the new owner, or their former landlord. Charities have become more selective in what they will and will not accept today, often because they don’t want to pay the dismantling and moving costs associated with donated office furniture. Whether you’re closing your business for good, moving to a furnished commercial space, or planning to purchase all-new furniture and equipment, there are many reasons why an office furniture liquidation is in your company’s best interests:

  • A Fresh Office Look – While you could take all of your office furnishings with you when you relocate, sometimes it’s beneficial to start over with all-new furnishings. New furniture gives your new office a fresh atmosphere that can reinvigorate your employees’ motivation and satisfaction levels. Reinvent your office space and transform your brand by leaving behind out-of-date office furniture and cubicles and letting our team begin the office liquidation process. Out with the old and in with the new!
  • More Cost-Effective Solution—Many times, it’s more cost-effective to liquidate your existing furniture rather than pay the moving costs to transport everything to your new location. You also don’t have to worry about damage to outdated furniture that may have already seen better days.
  • Less Hassle With Your Lease – As companies are planning their moves or office relocations, there may need to be a plan for liquidating all remaining furniture, cubicles, and file cabinets to comply with their lease agreement. You can rest assured we’ll leave your original premises “broom swept” and tidy.
  • An Eco-Friendly Alternative – Entrusting an office liquidation company like ours to remove your used office furniture is an eco-friendly alternative to just dumping your old office furnishings in a landfill. More often than not, your old office furniture can be recycled and repurposed.

Types of Assets Liquidated

We can liquidate almost any type of office assets. We have worked with corporate offices, call centers, retail stores, IT offices, co-working suites, labs, medical facilities, executive suites, and conference centers to liquidate assets and leave them with a clean, empty space. We specialize in office liquidation services for the following types of assets:

  • Computer systems
  • Conference room furniture
  • Copiers
  • Cubicles
  • Electronics
  • Executive desks
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Office chairs
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Phones and phone systems
  • Printers
  • Scanners

Our Process for Professional Office Liquidation Services

We will begin the liquidation process with an initial consultation to evaluate what items you want to liquidate, your timeline, your goals, and the terms of your lease. We will review our office liquidation services so you can choose the one that is right for you. We will then begin the process of listing or disposing of your items. We specialize in:

  • Transportation and moving of office furniture and equipment that is sold.
  • Lawful disposal of unsold items, including recycling, reusing, or repurposing.

Why Choose UMC Moving

At UMC Moving, our office liquidators have extensive experience handling office furniture, fixtures, desks, cubicles, technology, business supplies, and other items left behind after a move. If your business is closing down or you are relocating, you likely don’t have the time or ability to handle getting rid of everything left behind in your office space. However, if you do leave items behind, you may be stuck with huge clean-out fees from your landlord or the building owner. Our team makes sure that won’t happen. We have over two decades of experience in the moving industry and specialize in efficient, reliable, stress-free moving services. We will coordinate the disposal of any remaining items in your office space so that you don’t need to worry about anything. Our team is highly detail-oriented and works quickly, and we will make sure your space is left clean and empty when we’re done. In addition to business furniture liquidators, we are also commercial movers, office relocation specialists, and storage and record retention experts.

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Request an Estimate for Office Furniture Liquidation

Don’t leave office furniture and fixtures behind when you move or close your business. Call us today or contact us online, and our experienced team at UMC Moving will help. We specialize in efficient, reliable liquidation services throughout the New York metro area. Our cost-effective, stress-free services will help you easily handle the end of your lease or your move. Rather than dealing with large fines or fees or throwing out items you no longer need, we offer an eco-friendly alternative and will recycle or repurpose your old office furniture and fixtures.

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