Office Technology and IT Relocation in New York City

Reliable, Efficient Office Technology Relocation

An office move or corporate relocation requires careful planning, sometimes starting months ahead of the moving date. One of the most important elements of your office move is disconnecting, transferring, and reconnecting all office technology. Office technology relocation should be done under careful guidance to protect equipment from damage, ensure nothing gets lost, and guarantee the successful transfer of all necessary equipment and technology. At U.M.C. Moving, our team has decades of experience in successfully relocating technology. We use an extensive pre-planning process to coordinate your relocation and outline every minor and major detail to ensure nothing is overlooked. Call us today to schedule a move or request an estimate for technology relocation in the New York Metro Area.

Office Technology Relocation in New York City

Complete Disconnect and Reconnect Services

Our moving company offers complete disconnect and reconnect services as part of our technology relocation services. Standard moving companies might be able to move workstations, PCs, server racks, and other office technology, but they won’t disconnect and disassemble it beforehand. They certainly won’t reassemble and reconnect it at your new location. Our team strives to be as helpful as possible to make your moving day seamless and stress-free. We can easily inventory all technology, disconnect and disassemble all technology components, pack them securely and safely, and transport them to your new office location. We are happy to reassemble and reconnect all components at the new location so your employees can immediately resume work when our moving services are complete.

What’s Included in Technology Relocation Services

We are happy to customize your technology relocation services to meet your needs, timeline, and budget. We can offer as much support and labor as you need or provide minimal guidance to ensure the process goes seamlessly. Our technology relocation services include:

  • Technology and equipment inventory – Before we begin the disassembly and packing process, we will thoroughly inventory each piece of equipment and technology in your office. We tag and track everything to make sure it all arrives safely at your new location.
  • Workstation disassembly and reassembly – We can quickly disassemble all workstation elements and components, including desks, cubicles, furniture, office equipment, computers, and computer accessories. We pack everything safely and securely to guarantee it arrives at the new location unscathed. We will then reassemble everything and arrange it the way you want it.
  • Hardware and infrastructure deployment – We can disconnect all network cabling and wiring at your old location and reconnect it at the new location. We can also help you connect any new IT infrastructure and hardware at the new location so it’s ready to go when needed. We can handle everything from business phone systems and internet connections to computer and server set-up.
  • Data center and server room relocation – We understand the importance of care and precision when transporting data center and server room equipment. We have extensive experience and take every precaution to protect sensitive and expensive equipment. We also stick around after the move to make sure everything functions correctly and answer any questions you might have.
  • Technology recycling services – If you have outdated, damaged, or unnecessary equipment or technology you don’t want to move to your new location, we will recycle it. We follow all protocols and regulations regarding technology and e-waste recycling and ensure it is done according to the law.

Benefits of Hiring Movers for Relocation of Technology

When you try to figure out how to move office technology yourself, you risk damaging equipment, setting things up incorrectly, and causing downtime or inefficiencies. Hiring a professional moving company specializing in corporate relocation of technology ensures the job will be done safely, correctly, and efficiently. Our team of movers has extensive experience and access to resources that make office technology relocations faster and easier. We work quickly but maintain attention to detail and special care of your delicate technology and equipment. We will ensure your employees are set up properly at your new location so they can hit the ground running on day one.

Why Choose U.M.C. Moving for IT Relocation

At U.M.C. Moving, no moving job is too big or too small for our team. Our staff includes 65 full-time employees committed to professionalism, integrity, punctuality, and efficiency. Our goal is to help you achieve a successful office relocation with minimal stress, downtime, or headaches. We use an extensive pre-planning process to streamline your move and reduce the risk of inefficiencies. We begin each job with a thorough inventory of all items to be moved, and then we carefully plan the staffing, labor, and equipment requirements. Next, we’ll work closely with you to develop a timeline and discuss your priorities. We have been in business since 1992 and have over 1,000 successful office relocations. We have the experience, equipment, and tools necessary for complex relocations and office technology relocations.

Request an Estimate for Information Technology Relocation

Are you planning an office move to the New York Metro Area? Call us today or contact us online to request an estimate for our technology relocation services. We will send a team member to your office to discuss the details and timeline of your move. We will then inventory all furniture, technology, boxes, and other items that will be moved so that we can give you an accurate estimate of the labor, equipment, and time requirements of your move. Let us help you ease the transition into your new office space by providing reliable, professional commercial moving services.

Our Values

  • Experienced: Established in 1992 with over 1,000 office relocation projects in the NY metro area. Dedicated: average length of employment is 15 years.
  • Focused: Our only business is office relocation and storage.
  • Committed: A senior management person is assigned to every project as the manager of that project Responsive: State-of-the-art communication equipment allows for immediate response to every client request
  • People: Management, sales and operations management staff that interacts with the labor force on a daily basis. Labor force of 35 full time Local 814 Teamster Union Members.