Record And Document Retention Service in New York City

Though digital technology plays an ever-growing role in business, paper documents are still very important to retain. Unfortunately, few businesses have enough space for all the documents they wish to keep or are required to keep by law. That’s where U.M.C. Moving Co., Inc. comes in. We have a large NYC storage facility wherein our movers keep and track millions of important documents for all kinds of NYC businesses. If you’re looking for a place to store your business’s important documents, don’t hesitate to ask us about our record retention service, records retention periods and document retention policy in NYC.

Important Aspects of Record/Document Retention

Responsibly storing your important documents requires serious planning and organization. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind when having a record retention process.

  • Security: We understand that businesses often have very sensitive documents that must be protected. That’s why we hard to ensure that our NYC facility is as secure as possible for retention of files.
  • Space: Space is an ever-pressing concern for NYC businesses. What little floor space you have should go toward offices or inventory, not documents. Our enormous facility already stores millions of documents, and we have plenty of space for more.
  • Access: Since you’ll likely need to fetch a stored document at some point, you better make sure your records are easy to locate. We use sophisticated storage software to track your documents at all times and make them simple to retrieve at will.

Important Documents to Keep

Keeping important documents isn’t just the responsible thing to do; it’s the law. If you think a certain document might be important, it’s best to keep it—you never know what circumstances will arise in the future. Here are just a few important documents for your business record retention.

  • Income and Expense Information: Keeping a detailed record of your income and expense information can help you analyze how best to adjust your business practices and maximize profits. It’s also important to keep certain employment documents to protect against lawsuits. Having detailed financial information on hand will help make tax audits far less painful.
  • Patient and Client Information: The law requires medical professionals to hold onto prescription records for 10 years. Lawyers have similar requirements for keeping patient and client information documents related to client cases. Storing your documents in a record retention facility makes it easy to comply with the law without taking up valuable space in your office.

U.M.C. Moving Co., Inc. is proud to store important documents for all sorts of NYC businesses. Whether you’re looking for a place to store your documents for years or a few months, give us a call at (631) 577-0310. We’ll do whatever we can to satisfy your record retention needs.

Our Values

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