Get Help Liquidating Your Office Furniture

Office Furniture

corporate relocation nyc Corporate relocation in New York City can be an extensive process that involves many steps and small projects; you will have to find a new location for your headquarters, move your important equipment, and come up with a solution for office furniture liquidation in order to take care of the desks, chairs, and cubicles that will not be coming with you. Keep reading if you are interested in getting help liquidating your office furniture.

U.M.C. Moving Co., Inc. is happy to help our clients with every aspect of the corporate relocation process, and this includes office furniture liquidation. Landlords do not look kindly upon companies that leave their office furniture in their old office after relocating to a new space, especially when this violates the terms of the lease. This typically results in fines, fees, and other unfavorable interactions. If you want to keep the moving process as stress-free as possible, consider the furniture liquidation process ahead of time and enlist the services of a qualified company. At UMC, we are happy to remove any leftover furniture and leave the premises in a clean condition that will appease your landlord and help you avoid penalty charges.