• How To Preserve Continuity While Moving

    Developing or preserving a business continuity plan is important to keep your business running through your office move near New York City . As you can see in the video, this continuity plan can prevent a breakdown of services to your customers, employees, and vendors. Let’s take a look at how to preserve your business’ continuity during an office relocation.

    Keep your important documents—including patents, employee information, and tax forms—in a secure retention process facility. This can prevent the loss of important information during a move. If you have pertinent information, furniture, or resources that are vital to your company, then ensure these are moved and handled as soon as possible. Ensure that all of your employees are aware of the continuity plan and how it will affect their jobs during the move. Tell your vendors about important move dates to ensure you continue receiving products on time.

  • Recognizing the Factors That Influence the Cost of Your Corporate Relocation

    There are several factors that can influence the cost of your corporate relocation near New York City. The number of items you are moving and the traveling distance can have a significant impact on your moving estimate. It is important to recognize these contributing factors, so you can receive a fairly-priced move. Let’s take a look at the different factors that might influence your relocation costs. Corporate relocation near New York City

    Facility Size

    One of the most important contributing factors to your relocation cost will be the number of items being moved. If you are moving to a small office with a few pieces of furniture and filing boxes, then your cost will be much less than moving a large corporate office. It is important to organize and declutter your office to ensure you receive the best relocation estimate. Invest in a document retention policy to free up your filing boxes and storage rooms. This can also reduce your relocation costs.

    Traveling Distance

    The distance between your former location and your new location may also influence the cost of your relocation. Moving companies have different types of charges for corporate relocations. Some might charge by the hour or the weight of the moving items. In addition to these base charges, your movers may also charge based on the distance they must travel with your items. For example, a long-distance corporate relocation will likely cost more than a local relocation. Your corporate moving company will give you a complete estimate and breakdown of your charges before the moving date.

    Withheld Information

    Your moving bill may change significantly if you withhold information during your free estimate. It is better to be upfront and honest about all that is involved with your corporate relocation, so you can receive a complete and fair price. Ask your movers for a list of the necessary information you must provide an idea such as the number of furniture pieces, moving deadline, or moving distance to ensure you receive a complete estimate prior to your move.

  • What Are Your Responsibilities Under HIPAA for Patient Record Retention?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA, calls for certain privacy and security measures and rules to be put into place for the protection of patients’ health information. HIPAA requires that your patients’ health information be kept and secured under certain safeguards, such as a qualified retention facility . This facility, and your practice’s retention policy in New York City, should be protected against physical damage, digital hacking, and unauthorized access. Continue reading to learn more about your responsibilities regarding patient and client information.

    Your retention policy for HIPAA information should include a secure facility that has limited access. There must also be a designated official who will develop and enforce the security policies and procedures for your retention policy. Ensure that all of your employees are trained and aware of the HIPAA policies, and ensure that those who work directly with patient and client information are fully trained in its management and retention. Work with your retention company to allow auditing controls whenever you need to examine the access records. This will help you maintain the integrity of your HIPAA information.

    Qualified retention facility in New York City

  • What Are the Risks of Allowing Your Employees to Help Your Business Move?

    When you are getting ready for a corporate relocation, you may be tempted to enlist the help of your employees during your big move. However, providing moving services is probably not in your workers’ job descriptions, and you could be putting your company at risk by having them box, lift, and transport your office items. Rather than relying on your employees for moving assistance, it is a better idea to hire a company that offers corporate relocation in NYC. To underline the importance of hiring professional moving companies, here is a look at the risks of allowing your employees to help your business move. Professional moving company in New York City

    Chance of Physical Injury

    One of the major reasons why you may not want to have your employees help with your business move is that you could be placing them at risk of physical injuries. A worker who is untrained in safe lifting and carrying techniques may get injured during the moving process. Your professional movers will know how to lift your heavy items safely so that they do not get hurt.

    Potential for Misplaced Items

    While your workers are highly skilled at their specific jobs, they may not have the experience needed to properly sort, pack, and label all of your office items. Without careful packing, you could be at risk of misplacing some of your valuable office supplies during your big move. With professional moving help, you can make sure that your moving experience is properly organized.

    Danger of Lost Productivity

    In order to keep your business up and running throughout your corporate relocation, you will need to make sure that your employees are able to focus on their workday tasks. Asking some or all of your workers to help with your move could put you at risk of lost productivity and missed business opportunities. Your local moving company will take care of all of the aspects of your corporate move, so you and your employees can focus on getting work done.