• What Not to Do During Your Office Move

    Corporate relocation can be a stressful experience for any business. When you are counting down to the day that your movers arrive, you may find that your to do list is a mile long. Fortunately, your movers in New York City will be there to guide you throughout every step of the relocation process. By hiring a team of professional movers and packers, you can rest assured that you have made all of the proper arrangements, prior to your moving day. To help you avoid penalties or problems during your relocation, here is a look at what not to do during your office move. Office Movers in New York City

    Forget to Label Your Files and Boxes

    Whether you have a small company, or you are a member of a large organization, chances are that your office will have dozens of boxes to move. As you are packing up your office, don’t forget to clearly label all of your boxes and files. An organized labeling system will help you to easily find your essential items and papers once you are ready to unpack.

    Neglect to Inform Your Customers

    Your customers will need to receive advance notification of your office move. If you forget to tell your customers in advance of your move, you may find that you have dissatisfied clients who are wondering what has happened to your old office space. At least one month before your big move, take the time to send out an email that notifies your clients of your upcoming relocation.

    Decide to Leave Furniture Behind

    Many office spaces are leased from property management companies. While moving your office furniture may seem like a hassle, you should never simply abandon your unwanted items in your old space. Leaving furniture behind can result in steep fines during your final walkthrough. Instead, you can ask your movers to assist you with furniture liquidation. Your liquidation will also provide you with funds that can go towards purchasing furnishings for your new office space.

  • Legal Reasons for Having a Record Retention Policy

    Having a retention policy can help to protect your business from legal troubles. This video discusses the legal reasons for the retention process. In the event that your business is involved with a lawsuit, your important documents can protect you during the litigation process. If your lawyers are unable to produce the necessary documents, you may be in danger of losing your suit. A company that offers business record retention in New York City can help you to keep your papers safe.

    If you are in need of secure record storage, contact a company that offers moving and storage services in your area. By outsourcing your record retention to a team of experienced professionals, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your documents are being kept safe at all times.

  • Ways to Avoid Stress When Moving Your Business

    In many cases, a business move in New York City is a sign of success, but even a move for the right reasons can turn out to be stressful. Relocation tends to be easier when you use a moving company that you know and trust, and you should think about the logistics well before you start making moves. It’s also a good idea to tell your partners and influencers that you’re moving so that they don’t direct people to a location you can no longer be found at. Here is a look at a handful of ways to avoid stress when moving your business: Make moving less stressful in New York City

    Work with a moving company.

    Relocation can be exciting, as it often means that your business is growing and you’re moving to a more spacious spot. On the other hand, relocation can be stressful, as well. If you want to cut the stress out when planning your move, consider talking to a professional moving company for assistance. Established moving companies have gone through the experience plenty of times before, so they know what to look out for and how to help you to the best of their abilities.

    Create a moving plan.

    A business move isn’t something that you should try to pull off in the blink of an eye. Instead, it is something that you should plan carefully to ensure that you pull it off. This will give you time to find the right location, give your employees notice, and hire a competent moving service so you can bank on your belongings staying safe. The more time you give yourself to plan the move, the less stress you’ll have to deal with when the time comes to get started.

    Let people know about the move.

    In addition to letting your employees know that you’re planning on relocation, you’ll need to alert the other entities that you interact with. This could mean anything from the Better Business Bureau to your local post office. It’s important that people know you’re planning a move so you can keep business operating as usual.

  • Why Take Advantage of Professional Packing Services When Relocating Your Company?

    Are you in the early stages of planning a corporate relocation in New York City ? If so, then you may have not yet considered your options for packing up your company’s furniture, files, office accessories, or equipment. For many businesses, hiring a professional moving service to handle the packing and unpacking process offers several benefits.

    One of the biggest advantages of hiring packers for your corporate relocation is having less to do. A company move is a significant undertaking, and leaving the packing to the professionals can remove some of the stress from the process and save you time, as well. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about sourcing the right supplies, and you can rely on professional movers to pack bulky or oddly shaped items in a way that minimizes damage. Finally, hiring professional packers for your commercial move can help prevent your staff from injuring themselves while trying to lift or haul heavy items. For these reasons, you should consider taking advantage of professional packing services for your upcoming corporate relocation.

    Professional Packing Service in New York City

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Moving Your Office

    Planning an office move can be a significant task, but taking certain measures can simplify and remove some of the challenges from this process. If you’re gearing up for a corporate relocation in New York City but don’t know where to begin, then consider this step-by-step guide: Corporate Relocation in New York City

    Step #1: Develop a Timeline

    A sure way to make the process of moving office more difficult and stressful is to put off too many essential steps until it’s time for the relocation. For this reason, you should develop a timeline that prevents you from leaving too much planning and work until the end of the moving process. Determine what needs to be done and by when, and then make every effort to stick to the deadlines that you establish. Even small office moves can require months to organize, so it’s best to begin the planning process as early as possible.

    Step #2: Form a Team

    Now that you know what needs to be accomplished, proceed with selecting members of your staff who will assist you throughout the corporate relocation process. If you have a very small office, then a team of two or three may suffice. For larger undertakings, you may benefit from choosing one individual from each department, who will communicate with and delegate tasks to the staff members in their respective areas. Additionally, consider working with a company that specializes in office relocation. Hiring corporate movers can make it easier to sort out logistics, protect your staff from injury, and get your new office up and running as soon as possible.

    Step #3: Schedule Team Meetings

    During the moving process, staying in communication with the members of your moving team is essential. For this reason, you should consider scheduling regular meetings in which progress for each department is covered, and any challenges are addressed. Having frequent meetings can also be key for keeping your team informed and motivated throughout the course of your office move.

  • How to Develop a Record Retention Policy

    With the number of documents that many companies generate every day, it’s important to have a retention policy for their management. This is even more important for companies that operate in a heavily regulated industry, such as health care. If you need to develop a record retention policy in New York City , then watch this video for tips on how to go about this process

    There are six key steps that businesses should take when developing a record retention policy, beginning with the identification of types of records and media, determination of business needs for records retention periods, and consideration of the creation, distribution, storage, and retrieval of documents. The final steps are to factor in the destruction of documents, document and implement any established policies, and conduct ongoing management of the system.

  • Protecting Your Paper Documents

    Throughout the course of every fiscal year, your company will create many different types of important documents that are critical to your business operations. Rather than simply filing your critical papers away for later use, you may want to consider setting up business record retention in New York City . A company that offers record retention services in NYC will have the facilities and knowledge needed to make sure that your paperwork is being stored safely and securely.

    One of the biggest advantages of record retention is that this type of service will protect your paper documents against water damage, fire damage, and other unexpected disasters. When you place your documents into storage, they will be housed in a secure facility that has been designed specifically to protect your paper documents from getting harmed. Along with protecting your paper documents from physical damage, a record retention service will also make sure that their secure information is kept safe.

    Business record retention in New York City

  • Why It Is Important to Have a Records Retention Plan

    It is vital to your company’s future to have a records retention policy. If your company is audited or becomes involved in a legal dispute, then a strict retention policy will aid in the proceedings. You are also required by law to maintain important documents in New York City, such as employee and payroll records. Read on for a closer look at why your company should have a record retention policy . Records Retention services in New York City

    Tax Audits

    Your company or store may have annual audits conducted within the company, so it is important to have a solid retention policy in place. However, you may also need your records for a tax audit by the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. It is customary to retain tax records and employee information for at least three years. Speak with your commercial accountant to determine the information you must store and for how long. Keep a record of each file’s end date, so you can remove it from the record storage and free up room for other important documents.

    Legal Issues

    If there is a possibility of future legal disputes, then you have a legal duty to preserve your company records. If you do not anticipate any future legal issues, then it is still wise to implement a records retention policy. Your company or organization should always appear organized and compliant. You will not be subject to legal scrutiny if your company follows a strict records retention policy that is compliant with all tax and governmental regulations.

    Government Rules

    There are certain rules put in place by the government that demand all companies retain certain records for a specified period. These records often concern your employee information, payroll records, job-related injuries, and demographic information. Keeping these records will keep you compliant in the event of an audit or legal dispute. These records may also be requested by your employees at a future date. You can keep these records organized and safe by implementing a professional document retention policy.

  • What Are the Risks of Allowing Your Employees to Help Your Business Move?

    When you are getting ready for a corporate relocation, you may be tempted to enlist the help of your employees during your big move. However, providing moving services is probably not in your workers’ job descriptions, and you could be putting your company at risk by having them box, lift, and transport your office items. Rather than relying on your employees for moving assistance, it is a better idea to hire a company that offers corporate relocation in NYC. To underline the importance of hiring professional moving companies, here is a look at the risks of allowing your employees to help your business move. Professional moving company in New York City

    Chance of Physical Injury

    One of the major reasons why you may not want to have your employees help with your business move is that you could be placing them at risk of physical injuries. A worker who is untrained in safe lifting and carrying techniques may get injured during the moving process. Your professional movers will know how to lift your heavy items safely so that they do not get hurt.

    Potential for Misplaced Items

    While your workers are highly skilled at their specific jobs, they may not have the experience needed to properly sort, pack, and label all of your office items. Without careful packing, you could be at risk of misplacing some of your valuable office supplies during your big move. With professional moving help, you can make sure that your moving experience is properly organized.

    Danger of Lost Productivity

    In order to keep your business up and running throughout your corporate relocation, you will need to make sure that your employees are able to focus on their workday tasks. Asking some or all of your workers to help with your move could put you at risk of lost productivity and missed business opportunities. Your local moving company will take care of all of the aspects of your corporate move, so you and your employees can focus on getting work done.

  • The Role of Your Management Team in Your Move

    Before you begin a major corporate relocation project, you will have to enlist key members of your management team to assist you with your move. While the physical portion of the move will be delegated to your professional movers in New York City , your management will need to oversee the logistics and planning phases of your corporate relocation process.

    Your management team will also play a key role on moving day. In order for your movers to be able to start transporting office furniture and boxes away from your old business location, you will need to have a member of your management team on site. A designated manager may also be required to sign off on any last-minute changes or alterations to your moving plan. By delegating some key moving responsibilities to a trusted member of your management team, you can be confident that your corporate move will go smoothly.

    Professional movers in New York City