The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Nature Of Climate Controlled Storage

Benefit of Climate Controlled Storage Businesses often require storage space for any number of reasons, most commonly to free up valuable space that is currently being used to storage old documents and unused office furniture and equipment. A commercial storage facility can keep your assets and belongings safe until you need them, but not all storage facilities are the same. For greater peace of mind, find a climate control storage facility in NYC for your document retention and equipment storage needs. Here are a few reasons why.

More Privacy

The nature of climate controlled storage requires sealed, interior units. As a result, climate control storage facilities generally offer more privacy and better security than basic drive-up storage units. If you have sensitive documents and expensive office equipment that needs to be kept in storage, choosing a climate controlled facility can give you greater confidence and peace of mind knowing that your belongings will remain safe.

Less Chance of Damage

One of the best reasons to choose climate controlled storage is the fact that temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees (the typical temperature range for climate controlled storage) will protect your belongings from damage caused by pets and corrosion. Exposure to heat and cold can also degrade documents, equipment, and office furniture. Although climate control storage may not be your cheapest option, it’s certainly more cost effective than replacing valuable items that can become damaged in a traditional storage unit.

Greater Comfort

In the off chance that you or someone from your office will need to grab something out of storage, visiting a climate controlled storage facility is much more comfortable than working in a storage unit that’s at the mercy of the elements. However, depending on the records retention and office equipment storage provider you work with, you may be able to call ahead and either have what you need delivered or waiting for you when you arrive.