Organizing Your Corporate Office for a Move

Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Corporate Relocation

Whether your business is growing or downsizing, moving into a new office can be a major ordeal for organizations of any size. Although corporate moving companies in NYC take a lot of the work out of commercial relocations, there’s still quite a lot for you to do on your end before you can get settled into your new space. In the months and weeks leading up to the move, it’s important that you get organized to make the transition easy and minimize the stress for your employees. Organizing your office will also make it easier on the corporate movers you hire, which can save time and money. Here are some office organization tips to help you prepare for your corporate relocation.


Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

After you find a new office space, assess your current office furniture and decide what you’re bringing to the new location and what you can part with. If you are moving into a smaller office, you might not have room for large conference tables and executive desks. Or if you’re moving into a bigger space, you might decide your existing furniture doesn’t go with the look and feel of your new office. Regardless, try to get rid of as much furniture as you can in the weeks leading up to the move to streamline and expedite the entire process.

Consolidate and Separate Important Documents

If you have a lot of paper documents in your office, you’ll need to decide which documents are coming to the new office and which can be shredded. If space is a concern in your new office, consider placing your documents in a record retention facility so you have access to the files you need without taking up valuable floor space in your new office.

Organize Your Staff

As important as it is that your office is organized and ready for the move, it’s just as important that your staff is organized. Hand out boxes, markers, and moving tape so your staff can easily box up their personal belongings and have everything ready for the movers when they arrive. Also make sure you go over the game plan with your staff so they know what the logistics of the move will entail.