Avoid These Common Mistakes During Your Office Relocation

Time After The Office Relocation

When the time comes for an office relocation in New York City , there are some common moving and storage mistakes that can really set a business back. Keep your business running during the relocation, and call your corporate relocation specialist for help.


Mistake #1: Not Planning Ahead

With any type of move, you should be planning well in advance. During a corporate relocation, though, you have so many moving parts in the business that you should be planning even sooner. Be sure to book your moving company right away. You need a qualified and experienced relocation specialist who can help your office prepare. Make a few different lists of what is essential to continue day-to-day business and what items can be packed and stored before and after the move. Get your employees in on the move, and make sure they all understand what needs to be done ahead of time.

Mistake #2: Not Moving Essentials First

In order to make your corporate relocation as smooth as possible for the business side, then you need to make sure essential items are moved and installed right away. Many businesses find that after a relocation, the office is in disarray and no one is able to figure out what needs to be done. Mark your furniture, appliances, and necessary file cabinets as necessities that need to stay accessible for employees.

Mistake #3: Not Moving Electronics Correctly

Much of a business’s livelihood comes from its access to digital files, online content, and communication appliances, such as fax machines and telephones. If these technological appliances are moved incorrectly, then the business will suffer. If the electronics are uninstalled and/or unplugged in a way that creates a mess of cords, then employees will spend more time fixing the situation than working. Make sure to label every cord and take a picture of where they go in the back of the appliance. This will save some time after the office relocation.