Dealing with Common Challenges of Office Relocations

Challenges Faced During Office Relocation In New York City

Office relocations in New York City should be done with a clear plan in mind and the help of professional movers. Without these necessary components, businesses may experience a loss in sales, customers, and employee productivity. There are certain challenges—such as a lack of communication with customers—that can severely hinder a business going through a relocation. Continue reading to learn how to deal with some common issues during an office relocation. Challenges Faced During Office Relocation In New York City

Communicating with Customers

Communication is one of the key factors to make any business successful, and it is also essential to make an office relocation run smoothly. Customers need to know that their favorite store or company is not closing down, but is simply relocating to a better or bigger location. Give plenty of time to let customers know about the move and where the new location will be. Communicate the move in the store, through advertisements, on the company website, and through direct newsletters.

Minimizing Down Time

There is usually a period of time during an office relocation where employees may not be working, equipment has not been set up yet, and customers are not able to do business. This down time must be minimized as much as possible to reduce lost sales, upset customers, or employees unable to perform their jobs. A corporate relocation specialist is an integral component to minimizing this down time so that business can resume as soon as possible.

Planning the New Space

Another way to minimize down time and resume business is to have the new space planned out. Phone connections, electrical outlets, and other essential connections should be located or installed to ensure the move is done quickly. Before the relocation even starts, the new space should also be mapped out with designated spaces for the office furniture. Another potential solution is to relocate into the new space with minimal furniture. Either way, the professional movers should have a clear idea of where files, furniture, and other office equipment should be located.