Organizing Your Documents for Storage

Back up Documents Digitally

Important documents should be organized, filed, and cataloged before you place them into storage . Use this organizing opportunity to determine documents that you can discard and documents that you should retain in New York City. Back up Documents Digitally in New York City

Back up Documents Digitally

Before putting any important documents into storage, you must ensure that they are backed up onto a digital file. Your digital files should be well-labeled and organized within your computer system too. This backup filing system will protect your important documents in the event they become damaged or lost in storage. Ensure that your digital system is well-protected with password codes and other digital protection systems. This, in addition to a secure storage facility, will make sure that all copies of your documents are protected from potential thieves, as well.

Organize Documents by Need

As you prepare your documents for storage, take the time to organize your files by your frequency of need and their importance. This will help you find important files as you need them. For example, many tax files or employment paystubs do not need to be seen frequently. They are important and necessary, especially around tax season, but they do not need to be located toward the front of your filing cabinet or filing system. You can also use this organization time to determine files that do not need to be kept at all. Some important documents, such as credit card statements, are already kept online with their respective companies. You may choose to shred and recycle these files to create more storage room.

Catalog Your Filing System

In addition to organizing your files by need and importance, you should keep a simple catalog to help you find these documents. This catalog will be similar to a table of contents found in a book. Professional retention storage companies often have a barcode system to help catalog files and items. You may prefer to have a keyword system for your digitally-backed files.