How Does Furniture Liquidation Work?

Furniture From One Location To The Next

furniture liquidation nyc Moving all of your furniture from one location to the next is not only a time-consuming process, but it may also result in a furniture mismatch—in other words, the old furniture may not be a good fit for the new office. Fortunately, there are commercial moving companies that offer office furniture liquidation in NYC for a great value. Before you call the commercial movers, read this article to learn more about how furniture liquidation works.

First, call the commercial movers and ask about a time frame for furniture liquidation. Many companies assume that liquidation is a quick process, but allowing more time for it can ensure a better value for your furniture. Second, leave the inventory to the professional liquidators. Some businesses go to extensive pains to inventory their furniture for the liquidators, but the liquidation company will still want to do their own inventory and evaluation. Lastly, hire commercial movers rather than a specialty company. The movers will not only liquidate unwanted furniture, but also move furniture or records that you are keeping to your new office.