Understanding the U.M.C. Advantage

Choosing U.M.C. Moving For Your Corporate Relocation

Are you in need of a commercial or corporate moving company in NYC? Do you want to work with the best professionals who specialize in office relocation and record retention services? If so, look not further than U.M.C. Moving ! We are a green moving company with more than 20 years of experience.

Since 1992, U.M.C. Moving has helped to relocate more than 1,000 offices in the greater New York area. Our commitment and dedication to our customers is second to none. As a client, you work firsthand with one of our highly qualified project managers who can analyze and inventory all of your items that you want relocated, as well as inspecting and surveying all of the buildings and spaces that are involved in the move. From the moment we’re assigned the project to the moment the job is done, you’re going to have peace of mind knowing that all of your valuables are going to be well taken care of. That’s the advantage of choosing U.M.C. Moving for your corporate relocation needs.

Corporate Moving Services in New York City