How to Organize Important Documents for a Move

Label And Transfer Documents

During an office relocation in NYC, you must be thorough and organized while packing important documents. Whether these files are going into storage for record retention, or they are accompanying the office moving, they need to be handled with care.

Organized Document Packing in New York City

Trash Old Documents

Before you start going through filing cabinets, purchase a reliable, heavy duty paper shredder. If you use a paper shredding company, then follow their rules when trashing old documents. Next, you’ll want to go through your filing cabinets one drawer at a time. If you have any documents you will need immediately before, during, or after the move, put those aside in a secure folder or box. Find old or unimportant documents and shred them. On any tax, bank statements, or sensitive documents, you should double check that you are within the appropriate timeframe to discard them. If you can consolidate information and documents, then do so and shred the extras.

Buy Packing Supplies

There are file-sized boxes made specifically to hold and transport file folders and documents. Purchase these moving boxes, as well as colored labels or colored markers, from your corporate moving company. If you need other types of storage or moving boxes, you can find those with corporate moving companies, as well. There are bankers’ boxes, storage drawers, boxes made for hanging files, and magazine boxes, among several others. If you are unsure of what kind of box you need, ask your moving and storage company what they suggest.

Label and Transfer Documents

As you go through your documents, separate them by subject and year. Try to keep the same subject documents—taxes, rent or mortgage, credit statements, etc.—separate from each other. Each subject will go into its own box, which you will label with a specific color. If you have more than one box for each subject, the colored labels will help you to keep track of all the documents during an office relocation. Keep a detailed inventory of each box and its contents.