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Answering Common Questions About Records Management

The paperless office is an admirable goal, but it usually isn’t possible to eliminate paperwork entirely. Certain important documents need to be preserved for a set period of time, but keeping ...
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Legal Reasons for Having a Record Retention Policy

Having a retention policy can help to protect your business from legal troubles. This video discusses the legal reasons for the retention process. In the event that your business is involved with a ...
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A Look at Our Record Retention Storage Services

You need to have a safe place to store your records when you run a business, so a retention process in New York City is something you need to think about. At UMC Moving, it’s our job to provide ...
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Why Take Advantage of Professional Packing Services When Relocating Your Company?

Are you in the early stages of planning a corporate relocation in New York City ? If so, then you may have not yet considered your options for packing up your company’s furniture, files, office ...
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What Are Your Responsibilities Under HIPAA for Patient Record Retention?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA, calls for certain privacy and security measures and rules to be put into place for the protection of ...
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The Role of Your Management Team in Your Move

Before you begin a major corporate relocation project, you will have to enlist key members of your management team to assist you with your move. While the physical portion of the move will be ...
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How to Downsize Before Your Office Relocation

When you relocate into a new office space, you will have a fantastic opportunity to downsize your inventory and make sure that your business operations are as streamlined as possible. Downsizing will ...
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Choosing a New Location for Your Boutique

Location is an essential factor to consider when you are starting your own boutique. In this video from Shopify, you will learn about the importance of finding the perfect location for your retail ...
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The Benefits of Off-Site Record Storage

Off-site storage and retention of files is very important to the health and function of your business. By creating and utilizing an off-site retention policy near New York City, your current location ...
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Why Your Business Needs Record Retention Policy

Whether you have a record retention policy in place or not, it is always good to have a reminder of why you need business record retention near New York City. By establishing a retention policy, your ...
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Organizing Your Documents for Storage

Important documents should be organized, filed, and cataloged before you place them into storage. Use this organizing opportunity to determine documents that you can discard and documents that you ...
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Are You Ready to Rent a New Store Space?

If you have considered renting a new store space, there are a few ways to determine if this is the right time for a store relocation near New York City. Store relocations can make or break a company, ...
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Estimating Your Moving Costs

Before you start your relocation in New York City, you should figure out an estimate of your moving costs. By determining the general cost of your corporate relocation, you can better plan out your ...
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Tips for Choosing Records Retention

When looking for record retention in NYC, there are a few key elements you should look for to keep your documents well-protected. When storing your physical documents for record retention, corporate ...
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Getting Organized for Your Document and File Retention Services

If you are planning a home or commercial move and need to keep important documents safe, you may wish to employ the services of a company offering record retention in NYC. First, however, you will ...
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What You Need to Know About Record Retention

Developing a standardized procedure for records retention in NYC is crucial for every business. There are certain records that you may be required to retain by law, and others that you might just want ...
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How Long Should You Retain Records?

One of the keys to running a successful business is record retention. You will want to be sure that you keep the records that you might need on hand at all times. Knowing what to keep and what to ...
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Establishing a Record Retention Policy

Record retention policies can be important for a variety of reasons. Not only are minimum retention periods required by law, but they can also be helpful for resolving legal disputes should the need ...
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Filing Before You Pack

Record retention is an essential step of every corporate relocation. When you are packing up your office for a commercial move, you should be sure to carefully file and process all of your records, ...
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Your Guide to Record Retention

Record retention in New York City is an important element of owning a business; your records describe the amount of money you have spent on your business as well as the amount of income you have ...
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Reasons to Outsource Your Business' Records Retention

An organized and convenient records retention system is essential for any successful business. Holding onto so much paperwork can put a strain on your workplace, though. Sometimes outsourcing your ...
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The Importance of Record Retention

Whether you have a large or small office, record retention is an essential element of running your company. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to hold onto certain documents pertaining to ...
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Record Retention Services from U.M.C. Moving

Record Retention Services from U.M.C. Moving Document storage is an important aspect of running a successful business. If you no longer have room for all of your paperwork, though, and you do not want ...
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