Answers to Your Questions About Corporate Relocation

commercial movers nyc Corporate relocation is an undertaking that requires planning and patience. With help from reputable commercial movers in NYC , corporate relocation is easier and less stressful. If you have questions about office relocation and how a corporate moving company can help with the moving process, continue reading to get the answers you need.

How Does Company Growth Factor Into Corporate Relocation?

We recommend that companies ask themselves if there is room to grow at the new location. You have other options besides upgrading to a commercial space that is slightly larger than what you need. One option is to negotiate a shorter lease. While many landlords prefer a lease term of three to five years, some will be willing to sign a shorter one. Another possibility is to add language to the lease that permits you to negotiate on an adjacent property if it becomes vacant.

Will My Employees Like the New Location?

There’s no way to know for certain that your employees will thrive at the new location, but there are many ways to gauge the answer to this question. First, talk to all of your key employees about whether the new space is convenient to them. A long and expensive commute may cause your employees to look for a job elsewhere.

Is the New Location Convenient for Clients?

Corporate relocation may be convenient for your employees, but that doesn’t mean it will be convenient for clients. Any time that you move your company, it is likely that you will lose some clients and gain others. Moving from an urban location to a less expensive location in the suburbs may make it harder for clients to come to the office. Urban locations tend to be more centrally located and better served by transportation options, making it easier for clients to visit.

Decorating the New Space

You want to spend enough money to decorate the new corporate location that it looks like your company cares about appearances and is in good financial health. If you spend too much or too little, it can send the wrong message.

What You Need to Know About Relocating for a Job

corporate relocation in nyc Moving for a job can be both exciting and stressful. Many people who are relocating for a job find it helpful keep several to-do lists before and after the move. For a list of tips to prepare you to relocate for a job, read below. And for dependable corporate relocation in NYC , contact U.M.C. Moving Co.

Prioritize Organization

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed during the job relocation process. To help keep stress levels low, stay organized. Much of the stress that comes from moving is keeping track of the logistics. Maintain to-do lists for both departure and arrival.

Know Your Options

Corporate moving companies can take a great deal of the stress out of your move. Some commercial moving companies will take care of the logistics of office relocation, including packing, unpacking, computer relocation, and even record retention. The more you delegate to your moving company, the less you will have to worry about.

Get to Know Your New Environment Before Moving

It’s hard to say whether you or your company will enjoy and thrive in the new location until you can visit it. Explore the neighborhood and talk to people who live there. If you are planning a corporate relocation, do plenty of marketing research to be sure the area is suitable for business. If you have the luxury to do so, avoid making a long-term commitment in the beginning. This way, you have time to evaluate the move and whether it will work for you and the company.

Determine if Your Moving Expenses Are Tax-Deductible

Some moving expenses can be partially reimbursed. This is for individuals who have started a new job, and whose new home is at least 50 miles from the old home. The deduction is for either full-time or self-employed workers.

Seek Social Support

Making new friends is a crucial part of the moving process. Use an online service such as MeetUp to find people in the area who have similar interests and hobbies. The more support you have, the easier the transition will be.

Choosing a Corporate Moving Company

UMC moving in nyc Corporate moving companies in NYC are easy to come across, but few companies offer quality, value, and environmental friendliness. For some tips that will help you locate commercial movers that satisfy your needs, read this article.

Look for a corporate moving company that offers records retention. With any move comes the need to store a great deal of paperwork and information. Some moving companies can store the records and other items safely so that you do not have to worry about moving them to the new location. Find a corporate moving company that provides computer relocation, as this is a process that takes time, energy, and expertise. As you shop for corporate moving companies, be sure to get references, proof of insurance, and an estimate for each one. Do not focus solely on hourly rates, as companies that take longer may advertise the lowest hourly rate. Look at the mover’s rating on different online sources before hiring them.

Getting the Most Out of Your Move

Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful events in life. Fortunately, there are commercial movers in NYC who can help take away much of the stress of moving. If you are looking for corporate relocation, contact U.M.C. Moving Co. today. And for more information about how you can get the most out of your move, watch this video clip.

First, obtain boxes from your moving company or by asking local businesses for theirs. For easy clothes transportation, put trash bags over your clothes when they are still on the hangers. Lastly, look for a green moving company to reduce your environmental footprint.

Go Green With These Environmentally Friendly Moving Tips

green moving nyc While recycling and conserving electricity are excellent ways to be eco-friendly, there are less known—but equally important—ways to help reduce your environmental impact. One such way is by moving with a green moving company. Fortunately, U.M.C. Moving Co. is a green moving company in NYC with years of experience. Contact us for more information about our environmentally friendly corporate relocation and commercial moving services.

Plan Carefully

The more you can plan your move , the smoother and more energy-efficiently it is likely to go. Packing up slowly, over the course of many weeks or months, will help you identify which belongings you want to move and which ones you want to get rid of. You will save money, time, and energy if you only move the things you need. Planning the move in advance will help you stay organized in the packing process so that you pack concisely and efficiently. Locate all of the containers that you already have lying around the home or office, including plastic bins and suitcases. If you can pack your belongings in these containers, you won’t need as many boxes.

Hire an Eco-Conscious Moving Company

Few corporate moving companies offer green moving services. But those that do will have important credentials, such as energy-efficient trucks, recycled boxes, and environmentally minded moving services.

Obtain Recycled Boxes, and Recycle Them When You’re Done

Many local businesses will let you re-use their boxes after they have unloaded the contents. If you don’t have the time to ask around, contact a green moving company and ask for recycled boxes. The moving company can ship or deliver the high-quality boxes you need for your move. They may even be able to offer eco-friendly packing material. When you’re done with your boxes and packing materials, recycle them. Some moving companies can do the recycling for you.

Make As Few Trips as Possible

Pack your van or moving truck to the fullest in order to take fewer vehicles on the move. Instead of doing several trips in a smaller vehicle, use a larger vehicle to avoid making more trips than necessary.

What You Need to Know About Record Retention

records retention in nyc Developing a standardized procedure for records retention in NYC is crucial for every business. There are certain records that you may be required to retain by law, and others that you might just want to keep to make it easier to do business. Regardless of the purpose of your records retention, your records retention policy must be understood and followed by everyone in your company.

To create a standardized records retention policy, you must determine which records you need to retain, for how long, and how they will be stored and accessed. Some records must be permanently retained, while tax records and business records can be destroyed after a certain period of time. You should consult with an attorney to determine how long you need to retain all of the important documents that pertain to your specific line of business.

Once you have established your records retention policy, you need to coordinate records storage and archive destruction procedures. If you use a secure storage facility that specialized in records retention, you’ll need to create a complete inventory of your records storage. Records retention storage facilities also typically offer secure archive destruction services.

Getting the Facts About Corporate Relocation

office relocation in nyc Whether your company is moving into a brand new office or you are expanding into another office location, planning an office relocation in NYC can be overwhelming. You’ll need to hire commercial movers who specialize in corporate relocation services, create a record retention plan, and consider office furniture liquidation or office furniture installation. Here are some facts about corporate relocation that will make your office moving process much easier.

Hire a Corporate Moving Company

Planning a move is daunting, and a corporate moving company that specializes in office moving can offer valuable office relocation tips and help. If you begin preparing for your office’s relocation far enough in advance, you’ll have the time to seek out the most experienced commercial movers in your area. You should look for a corporate moving company that offers a wide variety of corporate relocation services beyond just office moving help. Try to find a company that offers computer relocation services, archive destruction services, and provides help with records and file retention and storage.

Discuss Records Retention, Archive Destruction, and Storage

You and your team should have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure secure record retention during your office relocation. If you need to move files and records into storage while preparing for your office move, your corporate moving company can help you find secure storage. Records storage is also extremely useful if you’re moving into a smaller office, or just want to streamline your new office space. An office move is also the perfect time to free up space by investing in secure archive destruction for records and files that you no longer need to keep.

Plan for Furniture Liquidation and Installation

If your new office already has furniture, you should begin the office furniture liquidation process to get rid of unneeded office furniture and enhance your budget for office moving. If you are planning on getting new office furniture or are moving existing furniture to your new location, your corporate moving company can help you with office furniture installation.

Preparing for Office Relocation

As you prepare for office relocation, you should look into hiring a commercial moving company in NYC that can provide valuable office moving services that will help you remain organized and on track. If you need to downsize before your corporate move, you should consider office furniture liquidation. If you have business records that need to be safely stored, you can find a records retention storage facility.

Watch this video for more tips on organizing, packing, and downsizing in preparation for an office relocation. After watching, contact a corporate moving company that offers corporate relocation services to discuss your office moving needs.

Considering Corporate Relocation? Follow These Tips to Choose a New Location

Corporate Relocation and Moving If you’re considering corporate relocation in NYC , you’ll need to weigh many factors before determining your new business location. Where your office is moving depends upon your business services, what resources you need, and the location of your targeted customer demographic. Keep reading for some great tips for choosing your new office location.

Choose an Office Location That Complements Your Business Services

In order to retain your current customers and continue building a solid customer base, you need to choose a business location that is appropriate for the services that you offer, and doesn’t increase your competition. A daycare center or spa shouldn’t be located in an industrial area, and a retail business shouldn’t move into an area with so many similar vendors that their competition for customers would drastically intensify. You should move your business to a location with a high demand for your specific services, or a location that complements your business services.

Determine What Resources and Amenities You Need

If you’re planning an office relocation because your business is expanding, you’ll want to find a new office location that allows for continued growth, and provides you with the resources and amenities that you need to sustain your company. A large business with varied administrative needs should consider an office relocation to an office park or a suite in an office complex that provides reception, faxing, photocopying, conference rooms and other support services. A smaller company or fledgling company should relocate to an office that’s just big enough for their current size and production needs.

Cater Your Office Relocation to Your Targeted Customer Demographic

Your office relocation should help you maintain and grow your client list. Choose an office location that is convenient for your current customers, and that provides opportunities for you to grow and expand. For instance, if your business provides commercial printing services, you might consider moving into a bustling business center, where you’ll be surrounded by companies in need of your services.

The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Benefit of Climate Controlled Storage Businesses often require storage space for any number of reasons, most commonly to free up valuable space that is currently being used to storage old documents and unused office furniture and equipment. A commercial storage facility can keep your assets and belongings safe until you need them, but not all storage facilities are the same. For greater peace of mind, find a climate control storage facility in NYC for your document retention and equipment storage needs. Here are a few reasons why.

More Privacy

The nature of climate controlled storage requires sealed, interior units. As a result, climate control storage facilities generally offer more privacy and better security than basic drive-up storage units. If you have sensitive documents and expensive office equipment that needs to be kept in storage, choosing a climate controlled facility can give you greater confidence and peace of mind knowing that your belongings will remain safe.

Less Chance of Damage

One of the best reasons to choose climate controlled storage is the fact that temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees (the typical temperature range for climate controlled storage) will protect your belongings from damage caused by pets and corrosion. Exposure to heat and cold can also degrade documents, equipment, and office furniture. Although climate control storage may not be your cheapest option, it’s certainly more cost effective than replacing valuable items that can become damaged in a traditional storage unit.

Greater Comfort

In the off chance that you or someone from your office will need to grab something out of storage, visiting a climate controlled storage facility is much more comfortable than working in a storage unit that’s at the mercy of the elements. However, depending on the records retention and office equipment storage provider you work with, you may be able to call ahead and either have what you need delivered or waiting for you when you arrive.